Providing food services at location requires certain skills and knowledge of logistics that we teach here at St. John Bosco:

-Planning and preparing menus.

-Food transport and preparation.

-People management skills.

-Food safety.

-Customer Service.


-On your feet logistics.


The Art of Butchery is a skill that is not in the lime light, but it is a necessary skill in food production. On completion of this you will be competent in:

-Use of De-boning Knives.

-Use of Steak Knives.

-Use of Meat Cleaver

-Use of Hand Saw

-Use of Electrical Band Saw

-Use of Meat Grinders

-Use of Scales

-Use of Sharpening Stones

-Use of Sharpening Steels


Culinary Training

At St. John Bosco Career Advancement Institute. We teach highly sought after Culinary skills which are in demand all over the island. If your dream is cooking St. John Bosco is great place to start.

-Attention to Detail

-Business Sense



-Culinary Expertise

-Fast-Paced Decision Making




-Team Player

Bosco Chicks

Animal husbandry

As with most parts of food industry. Animal raising and rearing is very vital part to the process of food production. Here at St. John Bosco Career Advancement institute we teach those skills.



The art of Barbering. Always in demand always needed. Teaches you the ins and out of grooming for yourself and others.